Find out more about the current COVID-19 pandemic and the adult social care workforce. We have monthly information on vacancy rates, days lost due to sickness and staffing and occupancy levels.

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consultancyRegistered managers

Read what the data tells us about this vital part of the adult social care workforce. 

Find information on how many are employed, turnover and vacancy rates, experience, demographics and much more.

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employersNationality and Brexit

Read about the likely impact of Brexit on the adult social care workforce and sector.

Find trends and information on the nationality of the care workforce and what has changed since the referendum.

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healthRegistered nurses

Find out about recruitment and retention trends and employment information relating to this profession working within the adult social care sector and workforce in England. 

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local-authoritiesPersonal assistants

Read information about direct payment recipients and their personal assistants in England. This report includes key figures about the size and profile of the personal assistant workforce, turnover rates, pay rates and other workforce information.

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More people start apprenticeships in adult social care than any other sector. 

Read about the number of starts, levy, comparisons with other sectors and participation and achievement information.

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laurels 2Pay rates

The latest pay rates and trends across the sector for a range of roles from care worker through to senior care worker.

Comparisons with the national living wage and national mininum wage and economic impact is also included.

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nationalitySocial work

This page contains key information and reports about social workers including information on the Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP) workforce and on social work education using HESA data. 

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Topics_RandRRecruitment and retention

The latest recruitment and retention figures for the sector including vacancies, turnover, leavers and destination of leavers, starter rates and trends on each of these areas.

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LD and autismLearning disability and autism workforce

A report giving a detailed overview of this part of the workforce including estimates its size and the characteristics of its workers.

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