Research evidence

A female care worker pushing a person who needs care and support in a wheelchair

We undertake research and impact projects that provide you with evidence that can help make strategic workforce decisions.

We all use evidence to inform our work and decisions. This could be feedback from people who need care and support, financial reports, advice from staff or research evidence.

Benefits of using research evidence

Using research evidence can:

  • save you time and money
  • help with decision making
  • support services to improve.

Our information sheet explains the value of research and why you should consider it.

Our research evidence

Our work focuses on adult social care workforce development and service provision.

We publish results in different formats to help you get the best out of it. Our latest research reports are available on our dedicated webpage.

How to use research evidence

The first step to using research evidence is finding it. The next step is appraising the quality of the research evidence. The final step is applying what you've found.

The following webpages provide an introduction to each of these steps and links to external resources. 

Take a look at our video that explains the value of using research evidence at work.