Skills for Care

Watch the webinars covering different areas of wellbeing for both you and your team:


Wellbeing leadership - what does good look like? 

This webinar focuses on wellbeing leadership, what good looks like and best practice with practical tips, tools and ideas. It talks about compassionate leadership and psychological safety, as well as explore courageous conversations about wellbeing. You’ll also hear from others how they create a wellbeing culture.

Duration 32 mins 5 secs



Recovery, reflection and moving forward

This webinar shares stories, tips and ideas focused on how to support you and your teams to reflect on the past 18 months and move forward together. It includes expert insight and guidance, as well as signposting to useful resources.

Duration 32 mins 53 secs



Wellbeing for managers

It’s never been more important to recognise your own emotional and support needs and how to maintain your own wellbeing in these difficult times. This webinar includes practical support and ideas to look after yourself to help you look after others.

Duration 25 mins 17 secs



Leading for wellbeing

This webinar follows on from 'Wellbeing for managers' and focuses on leading for wellbeing with practical support and ideas to support your teams with wellbeing.

Duration 27 mins 23 secs



NICE guidance: preventing infection and promoting wellbeing

This webinar was delivered by NICE and focuses on two areas of NICE guidance - helping to prevent infection and promoting positive mental wellbeing, considering the particular challenges for social care during the pandemic.

Duration 29 mins 21 secs