Skills for Care

Watch our webinars covering different areas to help you lead your service:



New managers - resources and support

This webinar is for all new managers and will provide an introduction to how Skills for Care can help you to be successful. It covers practical ways to recruit, develop and lead your teams, as well as how to further your own development and different ways to connect with peer support and local expertise. 

Duration 45 mins


Maximise retention

In partnership with Neil Eastwood, Founder and CEO of Care Friends and author of ‘Saving Social Care’, this webinar shares sector expertise around maximising the retention of your staff. Discover top tips and innovative solutions for staff retention and lots of useful practical ideas from other managers.

Duration 31 mins


Medicines from the regulatory perspective (part 2)

This webinar, in partnership with CQC, will explore the regulations and best practice around managing medicines in care homes and domiciliary care settings. People accessing care services often require support with their medication and organisations have a responsibility to ensure proper and safe use of medicines and require that staff responsible for the management and administration of medication are suitably trained and competent. 

The webinar covers many topics including ‘PRN’ (when required) medicines including behaviour management, topical medicines including patch rotation, over-the-counter and self-administration and controlled drugs – risks and storage. You can also view the previous webinar on this topic here.

Relevant at time of recording – 27 January 2022

Duration 53 mins 1 secs



Effective supervision: Developing supervision skills to support your staff

Explore practical approaches to developing new supervision skills and how this benefits the staff you support. The webinar will signpost you to resources and tools from Skills for Care to support supervisors and answer some of the most common questions that employers have. It also includes contributions from specialist learning providers and employers sharing best practice approaches. 

Duration 33 mins 2 secs



Discover the Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set (ASC-WDS)

Find out how ASC-WDS data is used, and the benefits it can have for your organisation. Learn how to gain access to the Workforce Development Fund (WDF) for staff training, how to use the data to monitor your workforce and influence decision making and succession planning and see how the service provides safe management of staff and training records. 

Duration 29 mins 9 secs



Contingency planning and winter pressures: Protecting your service

Featuring managers of Outstanding services explaining how they protect themselves from staffing challenges to help minimise the impact this has on the quality of care. If staffing challenges are an ongoing concern, this earlier complementary webinar from autumn 2020 will also be helpful to you.

Duration 30 mins 19 secs



CQC - monitoring, inspection, and smarter regulation

Delivered in partnership with CQC, this webinar looks at how monitoring, inspection and support is evolving as the regulator implements their new strategy and smarter regulation. The webinar provides the opportunity to learn more about current CQC processes and what further changes are on the horizon. We also share insight into our own resources and future plans to enable you to continue to deliver good and outstanding care.

Aimed at frontline managers, quality and compliance leads and others involved in preparing for the service for CQC monitoring and inspection. 

Duration 30 mins 26 secs



Good governance: The benefits of board and trustee support

Providing insight into successful ways to recruit Board and Trustees and showcase practical examples of how their expertise can benefit the people, staff and managers. 

Aimed at frontline managers, nominated individuals and owners this webinar looks at how appointing the right mix of Board members / Trustees can add-value to your service, helping you to meet the expectations of a well-led service.

Duration 32 mins 21 secs



Medicines from the regulatory perspective

In partnership with CQC, this webinar explores the regulations and best practice around managing medicines in care homes and domiciliary care settings. People accessing care services often require support with their medication and organisations have a responsibility to ensure proper and safe use of medicines and require that staff responsible for the management and administration of medication are suitably trained and competent. 

Relevant at time of recording – 7 July 2021

Duration 30 mins 32 secs



Managing complaints – practical tips in effectively responding to feedback

In partnership with the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman this webinar provides an introduction to the relationship between CQC and the Ombudsman and will focus on the importance of effective complaints handling and how learning from complaints can be used to drive service improvements. Best practice guidance will be shared and resources and support available to managers will be highlighted.

Duration 31 mins 20 secs



Practical approaches to working in partnership

Explore how the pandemic has helped adult social care providers establish new partners and successfully build upon existing ones. It will look at mutually beneficial relationships with a range of different partners, including examples from outside of the usual partnerships between health and social care.

Duration 30 mins 47 secs



Having conversations about workplace race equality issues

Co-delivered with Acas this webinar looks at how managers can identify signs that discrimination is taking place and have conversations with staff about race equality to ensure inclusive practice. Acas also share their best practice guidance and highlight some of the resources and support available to managers.

Duration 32 mins 6 secs



Meaningful activities - Leading the way

Co-delivered with NAPA (National Activity Providers Association). This webinar looks at why meaningful activities are so important especially during a pandemic and how managers can continue to motivate and engage whole staff teams including activity co-ordinators to be involved in activity provision. We will share how to source new activities, resources and alternative ways to connect with others. 

Duration 33 mins 12 secs



Driving and evidencing improvements in difficult times

This webinar looks at how services have continued to deliver quality during the pandemic. It also looks beyond the pandemic on how new virtual approaches and other quality assurance changes can help providers to improve beyond these challenging times.

Duration 36 mins 31 secs



Risk Assessment - key principles to apply to protect your people, staff and service

Whether responding to the pandemic or other factors impacting your service, risk assessments are an important part of the day-to-day running of all types of adult social care services. This webinar provides a summary of the key things to build confidence in risk assessments and learn how to take positive risks even during challenging times.

Duration 29 mins 52 secs



Time Management

Looking at practical ways for frontline care managers to help manage your time, explore time management techniques and access to a new self-assessment tool.  The webinar also looks at how other managers have successfully been able to prioritise time in response to COVID-19 and share their tips with others.

Duration 30 mins 54 secs



Growing your staff to ease your workload 

This webinar looks at how staff have stepped up to support managers in response to COVID-19 and how this has helped. Identify and develop your emerging talent to support new challenges, as well as what opportunities are there to develop your future managers. Hear examples from other managers and provide practical checklists and recommendations helping you to share the work and succession plan for the future.

Duration 32 mins 16 secs



Effective delegation and empowering your staff 

Focusing on how empowering your staff and effective approaches to delegation can benefit both frontline managers and the ability of your service to respond to day-to-day challenges, including COVID-19. We will draw on examples from other managers and share practical checklists, resources and ideas to help you delegate effectively.

Duration 52 mins 53 secs



Keeping your team motivated

Staff resilience and motivation are vital as employers try to meet the many challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. This webinar highlights the leadership behaviours which staff find most satisfying and motivating in normal times, but especially so in times of crisis.

Duration 30 mins 15 secs



Dealing with the impact of COVID-19 on your staff

The webinar takes a deeper look at the impact of COVID-19 on workers and draws on examples from organisations who have developed effective strategies to support their staff. Dealing with the impact of the pandemic on staff is something that every organisation is considering, and this webinar aims to share practical advice and signpost to helpful resources.

Duration 31 mins 11 secs



Contingency planning: COVID-19 Maintaining safe staffing levels

This webinar combines insight from other managers of how they have successfully managed safe staffing, staff wellbeing and consistency of care in the early stages of the pandemic.

Aimed at managers who want to learn practical ways to maintain safe staffing levels in response to COVID-19 and wider winter demands.

Duration 25 mins 30 secs