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Creating a positive workplace culture

Our toolkit is designed for all adult social care employers, including individual employers. 

This guide can help you discover the layers of workplace culture and how to achieve it.

Workplace culture is the character and personality of your organisation. It's made up of your organisation's leadership, values, traditions, beliefs, behaviours and attitudes of the people in it. Having a positive workplace culture is key to delivering quality care and support.

Work your way through the sections and activities, working at your own pace. 


Develop a positive workplace culture

Complete the short activities as you go and longer activities at the end. Each activity is designed to help you think about how they can be applied to your workplace and there’s also links to useful resources.


PDF - 2.6Mb

This toolkit is for adult social care employers of all sizes. It explains what a workplace culture is and how you can develop one in your organisation.


Activity sheets