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New ASYE templates ready to view

Over the past year, we’ve consulted with the sector to establish what works well in the Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE) programme, what needs to be changed and what guidance will support this process.  

The new approach to assessment of NQSWs has now been tested and agreed. The new templates are ready to view and should be used from 1 September 2022 with all NQSWs across both child and family and adult services.

New ASYE templates


Snapshot survey

Can you spare a couple of minutes to answer two questions about LGBTQ+ issues and the ASYE? We’re keen to hear from NQSWs, assessors, supervisors and those co-ordinating ASYE programmes. We’ll share our findings next month.

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NQSW forum - Tuesday 12 July, 10:00-12:00

Attending this forum will give you a better understanding of how to put into practice some of the thinking around relationship based, person-centred and strengths-based approaches to working with people, and a greater awareness of how theory and practice can come together.  

It’s an opportunity, for you as a NQSW, to share your thoughts and opinions about what you think works well and where there is room for improvement.  

This is for all NQSWs from both adults and child and family services.

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Group for Ethnic Minority Social Workers (GEMS) NQ forum - Tuesday 9 August, 10:00-12:00

Our Regulated Professionals Workforce team has facilitated a new forum for NQSWs who identify as ethnically diverse.  

The first meeting was held on 8 February and was well attended by participants from both adults and children’s services. 106 NQSWs registered and the meeting was attended by 90 NQSWs. The group were polled on what they wanted to be called and the highest vote was for Group for Ethnic Minority Social Workers (GEMS) NQ forum.  

They’re keen to have further forums to facilitate discussions of issues which pertain to them and to explore issues around working together, experiences of ASYE programmes and understanding of anti-racist practice issues and exploring ways to deal with racism. This is a new initiative arising from a request for the co-ordination of a group of this type and to have the opportunity to network with each other. Those who attended the first forum have already shared lots of ideas about themes they would like to explore.  

Do come along and share your thoughts and ideas so that we can learn how to improve ASYE programme experiences for all. The forum is open to GEMS NQs from both adults and child and family services.

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PDF - 346Kb
This guidance supports practice assessors undertaking both face-to-face and virtual direct observations. It was co-produced with employers and reflects how practice is evolving.


PDF - 423Kb
This is our third annual report. It provides key findings from our quality assurance visits, 360 degree evaluation tool and feedback from consultations and events.