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The Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE) is a 12 month employment-based programme of support and assessment for newly qualified social workers (NQSWs). 

Participation in the ASYE supports NQSWs to consolidate their degree learning, develop capability and strengthen their professional confidence in an employment environment, while being assessed against the post-qualification standards (KSS).

The advantages of the ASYE to employers are:

  • social workers remain in the profession and continue to develop and progress throughout their careers
  • social workers deliver high standards of practice leading to positive outcomes for children and young people and adults that need care and support.


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Download the document to find out more about the underpinning principles of the framework and it's three main elements - professional development and support; evidence requirements and assessment; and quality assurance.


Who is eligible to undertake the ASYE? 

Social Work England registered social workers within two years of qualification who are employed in designated social work roles. This includes:

  • NQSWs employed through an agency, although there will need to be an agreement as to whether the agency or the host employer fulfils the support and assessment requirements.
  • Social Work England registered social workers within two years of qualification who are employed in non-designated social work roles, but the role in which they are employed enables them to meet and evidence the post-qualifying standards. 
    Employers can evaluate if their NQSW meets the requirements of the ASYE using our statutory guidance
  • Social workers who have been qualified for longer than two years (up to four years) and are able to satisfy their employers that their knowledge and experience remains current. Employers can choose to support a social worker who has been qualified longer than four years to undertake the ASYE, however they won't be eligible to receive funding.



Employers can receive funding to support newly qualified social workers through the ASYE programme. To be eligible to receive government funding, programmes must comply with the requirements laid out in the ASYE framework.

Employers are responsible for the design, delivery, and quality assurance of their ASYE programmes. 

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This sector endorsed evaluation criteria provides a benchmark for employer to ensure their ASYE programme provides all the elements for a successful ASYE programme.  


Information and support for the ASYE

New ASYE framework

These videos cover different elements of the refreshed ASYE framework. They provide clear information which will help employers implement the new framework.


New ASYE templates

The new approach to assessment of NQSWs for the ASYE programme has been tested and agreed. The new templates are available to view and should be used from 1 September 2022 with all NQSWs across both child and family and adult services.