Skills for Care

Implement and embed a values-based approach in your recruitment and retention processes.

This series is designed to be attended in order, however you are free to book onto sessions that will be most beneficial to your organisation and your current values-based recruitment practices.


Aimed at senior managers, human resources professionals, registered managers, and individual employers in adult social care. 

Delivery / Duration

Zoom / 90 minutes. To register your interest email


Understand the steps needed to get started using a values-based approach throughout your recruitment processes. A video introducing values-based approaches to recruitment and retention which must be watched before beinging the workshop which will be sent over to you. This workshop will enable you to:

  • understand the values and behaviours framework what is meant by ‘articulating your values’
  • learn of the importance of, and what creates, a positive workplace culture
  • identify ways and with whom, to develop and agree workplace values
  • articulate and communicate your values internally and externally.

Explore how the organisation uses its culture and workplace values to target people with the right values and behaviours to work for them. This workshop will enable you to:

  • attract people with the behaviours that align with your values and workplace culture
  • understand how you can tap into candidate motivations and showcase yourself as an employer of choice
  • explore candidate attraction channels - job adverts, websites and other recruitment activities. 

Ensure candidates can demonstrate that they meet your values. This workshop will enable you to:

  • consider how your application process is part of the holistic values-based approach
  • review your application process to ensure candidates understand and can demonstrate the organisational values and behaviours when completing their application.
  • identify the people you want to recruit
  • identify best practice for the application and short listing process.


Explore how your organisation can use a range of selection tools to assess whether candidates have the values, behaviours and attitudes that you are looking for. This workshop will enable you to:

  • move from the shortlisting stage to assessing which candidates are right for your organisation
  • understand the different tools you can use to assess candidate suitability in a robust and fair manner
  • explore what tools you might use to enhance your assessment of the right candidates for your organisation. 

Your values-based approach shouldn’t cease once a candidate has successfully been recruited. This session will address how new recruits, and existing staff, are inducted, supervised, trained, and managed so that the people in your organisation understand and role model the values and behaviours that you want to see.

This interactive online workshop will enable you to:

  • understand the importance of taking a holistic approach to values based recruitment and retention
  • learn where to add your values and behaviour expectations throughout all your workplace processes
  • understand how this helps you retain staff
  • reflect where you are with embedding values–based approaches in your workplace.