Skills for Care

Employing personal assistants

Employing your own personal assistants gives you the choice and control over who supports you. Our information hub has resources to help you be the best in your roles. 

Bringing together useful information and resources, the key areas covered are:  

  • Individual employers who employ their own care and support – being an employer, training and funding, and matters relating to money including tax and pensions.
  • Becoming a personal assistant (PA) and Working as a PA – information about the job role, understanding wider health and social care issues, finding work and managing risk.
  • Organisations that support individual employers and PAs – information and guidance on working in partnership, managing budgets, finding and delivering training, and improving quality.

If you employ a personal assistant (PA) using direct payments from your local authority, a personal health budget from the NHS or with your own money, we have a range of resources to help make your role as an individual employer easier.

Access the information hub

Information hub for individual employers and personal assistants

Our information hub is specifically designed for individual employers and personal assistants (PAs) bringing together really useful information from lots of different places


Funding for training

Individual Employer Funding

Used to cover the costs of training to develop your skills as an employer and/or your PAs, direct costs of completing training/qualifications, hiring replacement support whilst your usual PA is attending training courses and travel.

User Led Organisation Funding

We distribute funding each year to user led organisations (ULOs) to deliver training for individual employers and PAs. The aim of the funded training is to improve the knowledge/skills of employers and their PAs.