Planning your recruitment

Understanding your business needs and planning your recruitment will help you to recruit and retain people with the right values.

A workforce plan is a great way to do this as it helps you to assess your current and future staff requirements.

Over half of employers we spoke to with a turnover rate of less than 10% had a workforce plan, which helps them to:

  • act strategically rather than reactively
  • target the right people with the right values, skills and behaviours
  • build on what they know works well
  • support staff development.

We can forward-plan to ensure we have sufficient staff with the correct skills and values to support people - Foxglove Care Limited

Calculating the cost of recruitment

Our ‘Calculating the cost of recruitment template’ can help you make time and cost savings. It also helps you identify what recruitment activities are working well so you can invest time and resources in getting it right, or reduce activity where it isn’t working so well.

⇨ Download our ‘Calculating the cost of recruitment template’ 


Guide to safe staffing

Our ‘Guide to safe staffing’ explains what the CQC will inspect around safe staffing and will help you to maintain safe levels, embed safe recruitment practices and ensure your staff are safe and competent.

It’s also helpful to look at your previous recruitment activity to identify what’s been successful and any areas for improvement. Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) estimate that the average cost of recruitment is £2,000 to £5,000 so it’s important to get it right.