Values-based recruitment and retention

Our values define us. They influence who we are, what we believe is important in life, the way we live and how we treat people. 

In the workplace they are guiding principles linked to behaviours that help people deliver exceptional care and support.

A values-based approach to recruitment and retention involves establishing strong workplace values and ensuring that your workforce matches them. Doing this will help to reduce time and wasted resources in recruiting the wrong people.

Benefits of using a values-based approach

This video highlights the benefits of using a values-based approach and includes information about how we can support you to do this.


Employers have told us that a values-based approach to recruitment has resulted in:

  • lower recruitment costs
  • positive return on investment
  • lower staff turnover
  • better staff performance.

 How can we support you?

Values-based approaches: online workshops 

This workshop series helps you to understand the steps to using a values-based approach throughout your recruitment processes. Come to one of our free virtual workshops. 

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The Recruitment and retention area of our website contains information for employers wanting to use a values-based approach to their planning, recruitment and retention practices. The website sections include resources, tools and case studies to help.