Confident with difference

For leaders and managers to use with their teams

This resource is designed for leaders and managers to use with groups of employees. It aims to generate discussions to consider how well diversity is embraced within your organisation and how you could improve.

There are four films and each film has a related activity, you can find the details in the facilitator guidance. Each activity is expected to take around 15-20 minutes and we’d recommend each film and related activity is covered in a separate session. 

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Film 1 What does being confident with difference mean?

Film 2 Sexual orientation and gender identity                

Film 3 Engaging with your community

Film 4 Beyond the label



For leaders and managers to use with their peers

This resource has been designed to provide leaders and managers in adult social care with an opportunity to understand how well your organisation currently embraces and celebrates diversity, and where there are areas across your organisation you might want to improve. The resource could be used within a leadership meeting or a networking event such as a Registered Managers Network.

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