Developing leaders and managers

It's important that leaders and managers have the opportunity to develop themselves, if the highest standards of quality in social care are to be met and maintained across the sector. 

That's why we’ve created ‘New visions for leadership’, our support and development offer to leaders and managers at all levels in social care – with the aim to meet current and future challenges.

Investing in leaders and managers at all levels is crucial. Our leadership development programmes, tools and resources support aspiring managers through to top leaders - from floor to board.



New continuing professional development modules for managers

  • Understanding Performance Management
  • Understanding Self-management Skills
  • Understanding Workplace Culture

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Leadership programmes

For people looking to take their first steps into a management role and build their leadership capability


For people in frontline or operational management roles (including registered managers) looking to improve their leadership capability

For people who are experienced managers looking to establish themselves in senior leadership roles