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People with diabetes in care homes have a high prevalence of complications, infections and hospital admissions. This can be due to many factors, including staff being inadequately trained in diabetes with limited access to diabetes education, leading to reduced progress in improving standards of diabetes care. Mission: National guidance recommends care home staff to be trained by a credible diabetes education programme. Sanofi Cares provides a comprehensive virtual diabetes education programme to health and social care staff working in Care Homes. Vision: To enhance knowledge and confidence in diabetes resulting in improved standards of diabetes care and a reduction in diabetes-related hospital admissions. Values: Sanofi and Eden have collaborated together in the belief that providing comprehensive education to care home staff is an opportunity to address current standards of diabetes care to vulnerable adults and address the limited opportunities for quality diabetes education.

This provider offers courses in: Learning disabilities, Long term conditions, Dementia, Medication, End of Life Care, Other

Region: National

Level of endorsement: Endorsed

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