Skills for Care

Springhill Hospice

Our mission is to improve the skills, confidence and knowledge of all care workers. All grades and roles can explore and understand the care, needs and management of people considered to be in their last years of life. We share both our knowledge and theirs as a group and gain insight into the psychological as well as physical needs of those we care for and, importantly, how they can employ self-care techniques to care for their own well-being. Our values are that we deliver learner-centred education, we value and encourage them to share their experiences with others, we support them to learn in a way that suits them, we respect them as individuals. We want to motivate them to be the best they can, to be curious about others, to ask questions, to make kindness and compassion the centre of the the care they give to others and the way they treat their colleagues. By delivering learner-centred education, they will have the knowledge and confidence to provide person-centred care.

This provider offers courses in: Learning disabilities, Dementia, End of Life Care, Healthcare tasks (sometimes referred to as Clinical skills), Supervision

Region: North West

Level of endorsement: Endorsed

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