Skills for Care

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This resource is designed for leaders and managers to use with groups of workers to discuss:

  • what ‘everyday leadership’ is
  • why leadership skills in frontline workers are so important 
  • how they can improve these skills.

We’d recommend that each film and topic are covered in separate sessions, for example in team meetings for groups or during 1-1 supervisions with individual workers. Each activity is expected to take around 15 minutes.


PDF document - 360Kb
This facilitator guide explains how you can use the resources with your workforce.


Film 1 'Making things happen'

Duration 2 mins 31 secs


Film 2 'Inspiring others'

Duration 2 mins 33 secs


Film 3 'Taking responsibility'

Duration 1 min 59 secs


Film 4 'Making improvements'

Duration 1 min 55 secs


Film 5 'Working together'

Duration 2 mins 33 secs


Download the resources

Download film 1 and guidance

Download film 2 and 3

Download film 4 and 5