Skills for Care

National Careers Week (NCW) helps to provide a focus for career guidance acitvity too help support young people leaving education.

7 – 12 March is a week long celebration of careers guidance in education across the UK.

Apprenticeships help to create clear pathways for people who are considering starting a career in social care, that will provide the knowledge, skills, and attitude that they need to be able to provide high-quality care and progress their careers further in the sector.

Employers can benefit from the development of skills relevant to the organisation as well as improved productivity and a better quality of service. Take a look at the useful information and resources on our website to find out more about embracing apprenticeships..

National Careers Week 2022

To find out more about National Careers Week 2022, visit the official website. Join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #NCW2022.

Case studies

Insights from apprenticeship trainers

Apprenticeship opportunities 

Take a look at the government website to find out more about current apprenticeship opportunities.


Thinking of doing an apprenticeship yourself?

An apprenticeship is a great way to develop your skills and knowledge to become a confident and skilled care worker. Find out more and get started.

Duration 5 Mins



Apprenticeships are a way of developing new staff and providing new skills for existing staff by studying and learning through work. Find out more information about apprenticeships.

Getting started

Get started with apprenticeship programmes to provide an opportunity to learn whilst at work and time to learn away from work and be independently assessed at the end. Take a look at how to get started with apprenticeships.

Social work apprenticeship

We support employers and universities to develop an apprenticeship specifically for social work.