Skills for Care


Apprenticeships are a way of developing new staff and providing new skills for existing staff by studying and learning through work. 



  • meet the needs of your service using an adaptable structured learning programme.
  • access to development funding resulting in minimum cost to your organisation
  • offer confidence in the quality of learning due to the robust assessment process
  • gain a competent workforce due to the mix of on and off-the-job learning. 


Apprenticeship standards

Developed by employers - the apprenticeships currently available for adult social care occupations are:

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Getting started

Find out how to get started with apprenticeships.

Apprenticeship funding

An introduction to the funding available for apprenticeships.

Social work apprenticeship

We support employers and universities to develop an apprenticeship specifically for social work.

Integrated apprenticeship

Take a look at how integrated apprenticeships can benefit your organisation.

Apprenticeship COVID-19

Find the latest information relating to COVID-19 and apprenticeships.