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Workforce estimates

2 people iconTo support our workforce intelligence publications, we have published an adult social care workforce estimates excel file that contains the data that sits behind them. The file provides information about the characteristics of the adult social care workforce at an England and regional level.

Our latest estimates are based on independent sector information as at March 2021 and local authority information as at September 2020. Jobs working for direct payment recipients are calculated from a survey of individual employers and their personal assistants and is correct as at February 2021


How the estimates are created

Overview of our methodology

  • We use data collected by the ASC-WDS to create workforce models that, in turn, allow for estimates of the whole adult social care workforce to be produced.
  • Our methodology allows the analysis to be representative of all adult social care workers, even if the ASC-WDS has uneven levels of data coverage.
  • All data is validated at source and has been through rigorous data quality checks before analysis.
  • Skills for Care has confidence in the quality of these estimates; the methodologies used have been peer reviewed by universities and an independent statistician.

Details of the methodology can be found here.


What's included in these estimates

Data on topics at England and regional geographical levels, including;

  • how many are employed and where they are employed
  • employment information e.g. full/part-time status, zero-hours contracts
  • demographics e.g. gender, age, disability status, ethnicity and nationality
  • recruitment and retention information, experience in sector and role, and source of recruitment
  • pay rates
  • care certificate, training and qualification information.


Further resources

If you are looking to preform your own analysis of the adult social care sector, then we have published a number of interactive visualisations. These can be found in the data and publications section of this website.

If you cannot find what you are looking for or would like to commission our services, then please contact us.


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