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Academic researchers and universities

researchers-smThe NMDS-SC has the potential to provide real insight for any institutions specialising in social worker, health care, social policy, economics, labour market intelligence and more. We've already worked with:

  • Social Care Workforce Research Unit, King's College London 
  • Personal Social Services Research Unit, London School of Economics 
  • University of Leeds

We can:

  • contribute to bids
  • form part of your project team
  • collaborate on data products or provide data to inform your project.

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Using our data for research

"The NMDS-SC has been a success story over the past 10 years. Before the NMDS-SC we didn’t know much about this workforce." 

Our video shows Dr Shereen Hussein,  Principal Research Fellow, Social Care Workforce Research Unit, King's College, London, talking about the data that we hold and its importance for researchers.

Analysis services

Research organisations use our data analysis services to help them provide evidence to support an important decision or new approach, gain deeper understanding of an issue, look for future trends and use information to help them submit a bid/tender.  

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What we collect

The NMDS-SC collects indepth information about the adult social care sector and workforce.

We collect data on many elements of the care service itself and then the workforce.


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We share our data and insight in different ways. 

Discover the latest topics affecting social care such as recruitment and retention, pay rates and ethnicity and reports focussing on specific job roles in social care.


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Raw and weighted data

You can access our workforce estimates in Excel which are representative of the whole sector.

You can also request raw data files, available in CSV or SPSS, allowing you to perform your own analysis of NMDS-SC information here.

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We publish an extensive range of reports, briefings and infographics sharing all our data on adult social care. 

You can access all the publications on these pages and can order paper copies for most of them by emailing us.


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The relationship between quality and staffing

We interviewed Professor Andy Charlwood, Human Resource Management, University of Leeds about the ongoing project with our workforce intelligence team and the University of Leeds to investigate potential relationships between these two factors.

You can read more about this work in this case study.


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