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Your workforce is your largest overhead, your biggest asset and probably one of your greatest challenges.  

Workforce intelligence is not just about collecting data, but about using that data to make smart decisions about your workforce and driving your HR decisions.  It's also about interpreting data to make it meaningful to you.

Leaders and managers need workforce intelligence because it;

  • allows you to make decisions based on hard facts rather than gut instinct
  • it highlights trends and patterns in your workforce’s behaviour and wider organisation
  • allows you to compare yourself with other organisations to see how you're doing.

Good HR systems will allow you to access this information quickly and easily. This is where the Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set comes in. 

Analysis services

Our experience gained from analysing and interpreting social care data for over ten years gives us a unique opportunity to help you make informed decisions and gain a deeper understanding of your workforce by providing more in-depth analysis.

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Explore our data

Many of our published reports have accompanying interactive visualisations that enable you to interactively explore and understand our publications. They can be accessed through our data and publications pages.

Information for my area

Regional reports and  local area summary reports are a good place to find information about your local area.

They give insight into what's happening outside your business. 

Each report is free to download.    



Free publications and reports

You can access national reports, local workforce reports and infographics that are free to download on these pages.

We also publish information based on  topics 
and issues that affect social care and specific job roles . 


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The Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set is an online data collection system for all adult social care employers – from small businesses with just ten staff to national organisations with thousands of staff.

There are many benefits to opening an account. You can read more about the data set here.

Support with your
ASC-WDS account

To help account holders make the most of their accounts, support and guidance is available from support team and help centre.

You can also take a look at the help centre to find answers to the most commonly asked questions or submit a request online.

If you require direct assistance please call 0113 241 0969, to speak to a member of the ASC-WDS Support Team or you can email the team on


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Find out how you can use our expertise, data and understanding of the adult social care workforce

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